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Nice reminder. Generally I'm resistant to the admonition to enjoy every moment now because I'm going to miss it later. Because honestly, not every moment is enjoyable. But, this seems like a nice way to be present and bring your attention to the good things without forcing yourself to feel happy and appreciative.


Precious children, moments and memories Jenn - Hope to see more through your camera's eye :)


Awesome photo essay! You'll treasure some of these pictures as capturing an era of their childhood that's hard to remember later because you're so tired all the time now! Short videos of the kids doing their normal things also really bring it back at later stages, and they love watching how they used to be oh so long ago!


Thanks for the comments, Abby, Lori and Becca. Abby, I tend to agree with you about that annoying "enjoy every moment" advice for the same reason you say -- that not every moment is enjoyable! And anyone who says otherwise is full of it. Or doing waaay more yoga than I can find time for. But that's part of what made this photo exercise so much fun, actually. There were moments where the kids were all fussy or whacking each other or throwing all their food on the floor, but I was busy looking for the sweet things to capture on camera. It was interesting how this photo-documented morning was more enjoyable than a typical morning for me.

Thanks for your feedback! Keep it coming.

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